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Get Porcelain Tub Reglazing Service In Northern Virginia And Washington, DC

Hard water and cleaning chemicals can wear away at the glossy finish on your porcelain or cast iron tub. Instead of spending extra time and money replacing your tub, consider porcelain tub reglazing.

It costs a fraction of the cost to reglaze your bathroom or kitchen fixtures as it would to replace it. Your reglazed surface will look once again shiny and updated, and you can care for it with cleaning products you can find in most stores. There is minimal downtime for your bathroom.

Tub Solutions, Inc. in Manassas & Arlington, VA is a leading expert in cast iron tub refinishing. We work with all types of tubs, showers and sinks to renew the look of your bathroom. We’ll strip away the old finish, repair any cracks or damage and apply a new finish that looks good and lasts for years to come.

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Is Tub Reglazing Right For You?

Renovating your bathroom design is a great way to improve your space. Cast iron tub refinishing is a perfect option when:

  • Your tub’s color starts to fade.
  • Cracks appear in your tub floor.
  • The finish is worn and the tub is porous.

Reglazing is especially worth it if you love your tub. For example, you might enjoy the style of the vintage clawfoot tub in your bathroom even though it looks a little rough. Refinishing it lets you keep the historic beauty of the tub while giving it a fresh look.

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