Ceramic Tile Reglazing

Do Your Bathrooms Lack Shine?

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When your tile walls start to dull, it can affect the look of your entire space. Before you decide to spend lots of money remodeling your bathroom, call Tub Solutions, Inc. in Manassas & Arlington, VA.

Tile surrounds, showers and countertops can be beautiful. Especially when they are clean and free from blemishes, oxidation, and stains. However, since tile is often use most for environments where water is used and moisture is constant – these tile surfaces can become dingy, moldy and stained. Especially along the grout lines. We offer professional tile reglazing services to renew the look of your shower, tile and countertops. With ceramic tile refinishing, you will spend less time and money updating your entire bathroom.

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Benefits Of Ceramic Tile Refinishing

When you’re in need of ways to improve the look and feel of your bathroom or kitchen, consider the benefits of tile reglazing. Many homeowners are choosing to refinish their tile because…

  • It is more affordable than replacing your tile.
  • You can avoid the mess and hassle of demolition.
  • You’ll never clean your grout again, as we seal it.
  • It will extend the useful life of your tile surface.

Do you want to avoid the hassle of tearing up the tile in your bathroom and waiting weeks until you can use it again? Painting bathroom tiles is an option, but not one most people are happy with. Reglazing and refinishing your current tile is the easy, quick way to go. Don’t replace it – refinish it!

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