Sink Reglazing

Reverse The Signs Of Wear And Tear

We Provide Sink Reglazing Services In Northern Virginia And Washington, DC

Your bathroom and kitchen sinks see a lot of wear and tear, from heavy pots and pans to harsh cleaning chemicals. Even everyday use can cause your sink’s protective glaze to wear down or crack.

Whether your sink is marred by unsightly chips or stains you can’t get out no matter how much you scrub, it’s not beyond repair! The professionals at Tub Solutions Inc. can take any chipped, cracked, stained, or just unattractive sink, and transform it to a beautifully, like-new appearance.

Tub Solutions, Inc. in Manassas & Arlington, VA and Washington, DC provides professional sink reglazing services to repair cracks and restore the look of your sinks. You can choose from a variety of glaze colors and trust us to deliver fast and lasting results. With our service, your bathtub will look just as good as new, if not better.

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Give Your Bathroom A New Style

Why spend more money replacing your custom sink when sink refinishing will get the job done? The professionals at Tub Solutions can repair and restore any and all custom sinks, including those made from:

  • Cultured marble
  • Cast iron
  • Porcelain
  • Steel & Enamel
  • Acrylic

No matter what kind of sink or vanity you have, whether it’s made from acrylic, plastic, cast iron or porcelain, we can apply our professional sink reglazing and refinishing techniques, and it works on all varieties, including pedestal, farmhouse, and molded vanities. Now, you can keep a historic or antique sink in your older home without having to try and find a suitable replacement that will fit your decor or worry about finding a sink that will fit in an odd shape or small location.

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