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Bathtub Refinishing for Fairfax, VA Homes


Tub Solutions Inc

Bathtub - Refinishing in Fairfax, VA
Your bathroom sees a lot of use—particularly if you have a large family. And that use can wear away at your bathtub and sink. Eventually, they won't look as attractive as they did when you first moved in. You may even feel embarrassed to let guests or visitors see your bathroom because your fixtures look less than pristine, even when you've scrubbed them squeaky clean.

Tub Solutions Inc. proudly offers bathtubs refinishing, sinks reglazing, and tile reglazing so you can feel proud of how your bathroom looks. And better yet—we offer all these services and more for an affordable price. You won't have to spend a fortune to make your bathroom gorgeous again.

Restore the Bathroom in Your Fairfax, VA Home

With bathtub reglazing and our other specialties, we revamp your bathrooms so they look new again. We can also add new finishes to your bathroom's features and make them not only attractive, but unique as well.

Additionally, we can convert your bathtub to add accessories like step-through access. These accessories may make the tub safer for children and the elderly to use.

Get in Touch for More Information

If you live in Fairfax, VA and you need bathtubs refinishing, make Tub Solutions Inc. your resource. Our services cost less than a full renovation, but they can restore your bathroom just as well. Call us at 703-331-1802 for a free home estimate.